has been ON-LINE since 1993!

Initially, it was a website designed to share some of the information I gathered and created to teach computer courses at Southern Oregon State College. Over the years, the 'speeds' have changed a bit, operating systems upgraded, and custom computers are less common. But the logic used for trouble shooting, the methodology for upgrading and buying, and the reality of how computers work are unchanged (just faster and cheaper).  

A Little Video

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DIY (Do it YourSelf) is awesome when you have the knowledge, ability, skill, tools, time... and the money to do it over a few times if you didn't get it right the first time (or ten).  

Point being, understanding your limits is key to EXPANDING them safely and effectively.

~ Terry Mercer,

I recognized the Power and Potential of the Web decades before it was cool.

Technology has truly exploded!

70's - I experienced the power of networking
80's - BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems) were huge in the nerd world.
90's - The internet exploded.
2000 - Mobile devices got smart.

By 2010 video streaming went mainstream (though it had existed for nearly 30 years, now everyone could do it).  

Around  2015, most populated areas and smart phones have 'high speed' internet  connections, for flawless video streaming, real-time video conferencing  among family members, and super fast downloading.

2017 - Droid and Apple apps control the phone & tablet market, with Google working to control the binary world wide web.  More applications are going 'Cloud base' and 'license verification' every 30 days, or they auto-matically turn off (all with the false claim it will somehow help stop sharing, hacking, and cracking). But the reality is, if a human can think of it... another human will think of a way around it.

I'm curious  what the next big phase will be. There is unlimited storage ability out  there... but most choke the upload speed to a point only the truly  dedicated can really afford the time to actually use it.

In an age of man that has more mis-information and 'entertainment' we need to learn WHO we can trust, HOW to do quick and effective fact checking ourselves, and WHERE to go for questions we can't readily find the answers to.

It would be nice if could become some type of 'information resource' or have some altruistic self-funding method of helping others. Maybe it should become a 501-C(3) Non-Profit? After all, it's purposefully shied away from all conventional advertising, other than sponsorship mentions, for decades.  Maybe that is something we should look into further?!

Through the 90's time this domain, received over 1 Million Hits a month, tens of thousands of unique visitors.  However, in 1999, I ceased doing the regular updates of new computer information, thinking I'd retired from the computer world. The 'Tips, Tricks, and Traps' posts ceased. I was up to my eye balls in Nutrition.

On July 19th, 2017, I installed a 'stats counter' on the domain again, just to see how many people were still using this website, and the information still on it (despite it not being updated since 99). For the months of Aug, Sept, and most of Oct 2017,  even with the outdated information, this domain is getting almost 1,000 unique visitors a week, and over 20,000 hits a month.  Those numbers promoted me to take the time to do an update.

These stats are automatically generated, good or bad, for WebToolsLab...they show a clear, and regular, amount of traffic to this domain gets every day, every week, and every month. was primarily for information regarding computers, from 1993 to 1999 it was updated on a regular basis, and was one of the top 'go to' websites for current upgrade, repair, and trouble shooting information. It was a small business hub for information about tools of the trade, software, work sheets, and advice that had already been sorted through, tried, and proven to work more often than not. I've kept a lot of that old information under the computer tab.

I'll be updating some of the information, as time allows. I've added links to some FREE eBooks, some Nutritional links to, and VetSupplements, as well as a link to the Photography Blog..

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